Could You Go a Month without Social Media?

panic person
Is this the face you’d make if you couldn’t log on to your social profiles for a while?

A month ago, I decided to leave social media for one month. You can read some of the reasons in this post. The point was not to see how long I could last without checking my profiles. Instead, I wanted to see if it would improve my self-esteem and negative thoughts by not being on social media.

So, did it magically improve my self-esteem and cure me of negative thinking? Er, not quite.

I expected this to happen:
wiggum egg

After the first ten days, I was all:
bart grooving

Even though I’m proud that I met my goal, by the end I was like this:
crying ralph wiggum

Here’s a recap of my key observations:

What Did I Learn?

  • I thought I had more updates waiting for me than there actually were.
  • I thought Facebook was the worst for damaging self-esteem. Instagram is worse. Way worse.
  • There are a lot of douchenozzles who follow only because they want a follow back vs. genuine connection. Ugh.

What Was The Hardest Part?

  • Not cheating, and getting rid of the itch to constantly check.
  • Fear of missing out. I got way too many emails about pending notifications.
  • Resisting the urge to tweet items I thought others would find interesting, and not being able to support posts of authors.
  • I worried that my close friends wouldn’t care where I was (online, anyway)

Was it a Good Idea?

  • Yes and no.
    • Yes, because it helped me answer why I’m on social media and what my goals are.
    • No, because it didn’t improve my self-esteem, confidence, etc, as much as I’d hoped.
    • Yes, because it didn’t make those things worse than they already are.
    • Yes, because this break helped me identify other sources of bad feelings I intend to kick to the curb.

    Would I Recommend it to Others?

    • If you have 2,000+ Facebook or Twitter followers, one week may be more realistic.
    • If you think going off social media will instantly make you more productive, guess again.
    • I don’t check social media from my cell phone (my only mobile device), so if the phone check-ins are a person’s issue, a phone detox may be in order.

    Would I Do it Again?

    • I plan to experiment more with Anti-Social and reducing social media check-ins on weekends.
    • Going off social media made me play more online computer games (I kicked that habit before it became a problem, though.)
    • While this was a much-needed break, I’m not sure I’d do a month again. Maybe a week or two tops 😉

    So, all that said, do you think you could take a social media break that long, or do you already build in social media breaks to your schedule? Sound off below.

3 Replies to “Could You Go a Month without Social Media?”

  1. I would NOT be able to swing a whole month! Heck, I had a difficult time resisting the urge during my honeymoon a few months ago, and even then I caved a couple of times. Also, I have worked very hard to get my social media outlets at their current level, and would be afraid of losing momentum. Tech-free weekends is as far as I’ll go. Welcome back!

    Carmel @ Rabid Reads.


    1. Hi Carmel, thanks for dropping by! LOL! I like your refreshing honesty but I’m with you on the not wanting to lose momentum. Thanks for the welcoming back 🙂


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