Ranking the Top 10 Best Demons

1. Hellboy
From: Hellboy (comics)


Hellboy: Cut to the end, will ya? How do I kill it?

2. Crowley
From: Supernatural (TV show)

crowley from Supernatural
The often self-styled King of Hell, Crowley (Mark Sheppard)

Crowley: Why can’t you people just sit on clouds and play harps, like you’re supposed to?

3. Abaddon
From: Supernatural (TV show)


Abaddon: “What’s the matter — hellhound got your tongue?”

4. D’Hoffryn
From: Buffy the Vampire Slayer (TV show)

demon buffy the vampire slayer

D’Hoffryn: Behold D’Hoffryn, Lord of Arashmaha, he that turns the air to blood and reigns te – Miss Rosenberg. How lovely to see you again. Have you done something with your hair?

5. Mephistopheles (film version, 1926)
From: Faust (Film)
Director: F.W. Murnau

Well, technically his dialogue was in German in the original Murnau-directed version, but I always had a thing for Christopher Marlowe’s Doctor Faustus. Much more quotable 😉


Mephistopheles: Solamen miseris socios habuisse doloris.
(It is a comfort to the wretched to have companions in misery)”

6. Spawn (HBO series version)
From: Spawn (Marvel Comics)

Spawn comics

Spawn: As far as I know, I’m already dead. Which means, I’ll be waiting for your ass in the afterlife.

7. Mazikeen
From: Sandman graphic novels, Lucifer graphic novels (DC Vertigo)

mazikeen cover image dc vertigo comics

Mazikeen: You bag of wings and wishbones. I told you I came under truce, and you drew on me.

8. Azazeal
From: Hex (TV show)

Azazeal hex tv series

Azazeal: Have I ever hurt you?

9. Dante
From: Devil May Cry (video game)

Yes, yes, I know, Dante is only half-demon, but he has all kinds of demonic powers and mojo, not to mention an assortment of demonic weapons, doesn’t he? 😉

Dante devil may cry

Dante: Almost…I only take special jobs, if…you know what I mean.

10. Lucifer Morningstar
From: DC/Vertigo(comics)

Okay, okay so it has been brought up many times that Lucifer is actually an angel even though he’s a fallen angel, but I still consider him to be affiliated enough with demons and with Hell that it makes sense to include him on this list, so there 😉

The DC Comics/Vertigo interpretation of Lucifer is still the best I’ve seen, even better than the one on Supernatural, but Viggo Mortensen’s Lucifer from The Prophecy gives the Vertigo one a run for his money for sure (not to mention the Devil from The Passion of the Christ, which I still refuse to watch.)

lucifer morningstar dc comics

Lucifer: That’s an eighty year-old Janneau Armagnac. If I’d known you were going to waste it on melodrama, I would have given you the ’78.

See some of your favourite demons on this list? Are there others that you consider to be personal favourites? What do you think? Sound off below!

4 Replies to “Ranking the Top 10 Best Demons”

  1. When I saw your #1 pick I was like YES!! But, then I scrolled down, and there was Crowley. Tough call! I don’t read comics so my experience with Hellboy is limited, but I watch Supernatural every week so…

    Carmel @ Rabid Reads


    1. Hi Carmel, LOL! I know! I was torn between who to make #1, because Crowley is truly an amazing character, which is why I did a whole spotlight devoted to him 😉 Thanks for dropping by 🙂


  2. Great list! I clearly don’t watch enough TV. 🙂 As for demons, Constantine has some great ones. Not everyone liked the movie, but I loved Gavin Rossdale’s portrayal of Balthazar. He’s one of the few actors I’ve seen who got that demons have to be charming as well as creepy.


    1. Thanks 🙂 And yes, Gavin Rossdale’s portrayal of Balthazar was surprisingly creepy in the Constantine movie, not to mention Tilda Swinton as Gabriel, which was seriously screwed up but very fun to watch 😉


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