Supernatural Mid-Season 10 Return

Supernatural Season 10 title card
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What I Like So Far In Season 10:

  • Demon Dean–you knew the show was going to have to “go there” at some point, so it was great to see how it unfolded
  • That the Mark of Cain is still a persistent problem for Dean
  • No unnecessary romantic subplots/romantic entanglement/romantic complications for Dean or Sam. Yay!
  • Less Metatron and less annoying, diabolical angels.
  • The show proved that it’s still a good sport when it comes to poking fun at itself while also being very aware of feedback from the fans, which is nice to see

What I’m Not So Crazy About:

  • I think that Demon Dean went away a bit too quickly–I know the fans were anxious and eager to see him regain his humanity, but I would have liked to have seen this drawn out more. It’s the most interesting Dean has been in a while.
  • This whole Crowley and his mom having a dysfunctional family reunion–it got old, fast. She’s very campy and over-the-top.
  • The Castiel/Hannah romantic entanglement thing–yeah, I wasn’t too crazy about this even though I knew that’s where they were going with it for some time.
  • Castiel–this season it seems like the writers aren’t quite sure what to do with him, and I’m not too crazy about the subplot with his daughter.
  • I’m starting to wonder–where are they going to go after this? Who is the “Big Bad” this season? What’s at stake beyond what we already know?

What I Thought of the First Episode Back, The Hunter Games (Episode 10):

  • The epic intro scene with Crowley’s nightmare about a demon mutiny–must be tough having such an evil bitch for a mother 😉
  • Metatron: “But I’m your dickwad!”
  • Castiel likes texting–who knew? 😉
  • Dean is scary and he’s getting scarier. As he should be.

This piece on io9 (warning: spoilers ahead in this article) aptly summarizes my problems with Season 10 thus far, but we’ll see what happens as the plot progresses. What did you think of this first episode back? Sound off below!