The Vampire Diaries Mid-Season 6 Return

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What I Like So Far In Season 6:

  • Bonnie is done with the angsty “Oh no, where am I powers? Without my magic I am nothing!” emo thing she had going on for a while in the previous season
  • The Travellers are gone. Yay! Most. Annoying. “Big Bad”. Ever.
  • Caroline continues to be one of my favourite characters, telling Stefan in no uncertain terms that he acted like a douchenozzle when she needed him most. Not cool, Stefan.
  • Katherine Pierce is no more. Fiiiiiinallly. Sheesh! And Alaric is back. Score!
  • Enzo. I know he’s got mixed fan reactions, but he’s got some of the best dialogue and you’re never quite sure what he’s up to. Bonus points.

What I’m Not So Crazy About:

  • So…Damon. Yeah. I like that he’s been trying to “do the right thing” these past few seasons, especially since being with Elena, but he’s definitely lost his edge and his obsession with “getting Elena back” is, well, something I could do with less of.
  • Elena. Granted, vampire Elena is far less annoying than human Elena that we endured for a few seasons, but she’s a bit obsessed with herself.
  • Kai. Someone has to be the villain, and he plays his part well enough, but there’s just something super irritating about how he tries so hard to be funny and sarcastic as if he’s trying to make up for Damon or something.
  • I really hope that Jeremy gets his hunter groove back, because he’s been pretty irritating this season so far.
  • Liv, aka the Queen of Angst and hurt feelings. I’ve never really been a fan.

What I Thought of the First Episode Back, Woke Up With a Monster (Season 6, Episode 11):
If you haven’t watched Season 6 yet or haven’t watched this episode yet, there are some mild spoiler-ish comments below.

  • Bummer that we didn’t get to see Bonnie yet.
  • I reallllly can’t wait for someone to kill off Kai for good. He gets more and more irritating. He’s like an annoying fly that you swat.
  • However, Kai torturing Elena won her some sympathy points from me.
  • Caroline’s struggle with her mom’s stage 4 cancer diagnosis is admirable and adds to the tension of her plotline this season because it’s not another easy fix.
  • Luke, Liv’s twin, wins some brownie points for not just blindly submitting to the will of Elena and the gang.

What did you think of this first episode back? What did you want to see more of or less of? Sound off below!