Wrap-Up: Women in Horror Month

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This year for Women in Horror Month, I decided to feature some notable ladies writing some seriously dark fiction whose works are incredible and who I think deserve more of a spotlight for their work. But I didn’t want to do lengthy interviews. I didn’t want to do the “trading card” type of spotlight posts that I’ve done in the past. This time, I wanted to do something that showcased a fun, more playful side because this time of year tends to be very serious with weighty posts.

Now, those so-called weightier, more substantive posts are just as important. I mentioned at the very start of my Women in Horror month coverage that I think looking at Women in Horror month through a serious lens is vital. The research some people have devoted themselves to is absolutely vital to the genre. It’s important for people to recognize how many women write horror. It’s also important for publishers, both big and small, to notice that their lists are woefully void of women–and to do something about it without resorting to tokenism.

But here’s the thing–I think there’s something to be said for taking a break from the seriousness and having a type of feature that is fun both for the writer being profiled and for readers to discover a different side of the writers. I wanted to offer people something different, something beyond the standard “buy this because…reasons” or “read this because…reasons.” Many readers don’t even realize that they’re not reading as many female authors as they could be, and don’t know where to start.

To remedy this, I started a Pinterest board called Women in Horror. I’ve been curating it and adding titles by female authors of dark fiction that are intended to give people a jumping point if they want to diversify their reading palettes.

For a complete listing of all the posts I did, visit this page.

To cap things off, I want to borrow a post from Lisa Morton on Women in Horror Month this year as she encapsulated in this quote what I have been saying for years:

I’m glad it’s February again. I’m glad it’s Women in Horror Month again. I’m glad so many fine writers are getting the recognition they’ve earned. But…I look forward to the day when we can transform February into Celebrate Great Horror Writers Regardless of Gender Month.