Want To Be A Productive Writer? Get This Course

writing mastery course udemy

Last month, I took a course on Udemy called Writing Mastery: Productivity Hacks for Writers that gave me the tools to become a more productive writer, far more than all the volumes of books, articles, blogs, podcasts, conference talks I have consumed over the past two decades.

In all the years that I have battled to be more productive and to find out how to be more efficient as a writer, to get good quality words down on paper, I read some variation of the same things such as that I would have to wake up earlier, turn off or block distractions, write first thing in the morning, do research before sitting down to write, and the same things over and over again.

Try the Pomodoro technique. Try writing for just 5 minutes with a timer and see if that helps. Write during your lunch break. Write after work on the subway. Write in public places like coffee shops or libraries that are free of distraction and temptations. Buy expensive software and devices that “guarantee” you will become a more productive writer if only you’ll hurry and buy [insert product here] now!

The course on Udemy that I heard about through the writer grapevine was helpful because the instructor provided concrete, easy-to-use tips and techniques. There’s nothing here that’s rocket science. Although changes in general require commitment, period, such as establishing a regular and consistent routine, Jessica emphasizes the fact that it takes time for us to form new habits and that even she slips up from time to time.

This course is not a variation on all those blog posts and articles you’ve already read that pontificate upon common sense things, like “Wake up earlier and you’ll have more time to write.”

Now, before I go way off track, one of Jessica’s biggest suggestions is to wake up earlier. BUT it’s not just another common sense thing in this case. She explains why waking up earlier is beneficial, and it’s not just because of time. Turns out that the brain is like a computer, and if you overload it first thing in the morning with things like social media, cell phones, news, TV and other distractions, the writing part of your brain will be tired and sluggish and it will take time to get into the writing mindset.

At least half, if not more, of the apps, techniques and hacks that the author includes in her course are things I had never heard of like binaural beats, developing a “morning magic” routine, and the fact that we must think of our brains as computers. And like computers, it’s important not to overload the system or run too many programs at the same time.

Best of all, Jessica doesn’t waste time evangelizing expensive software or ridiculously expensive equipment that, while it looks great and may help some folks with productivity, is too cost prohibitive for most writers and doesn’t necessarily guarantee better results.

Sound like something you might want to sign up for? The course organizer, Jessica Brody, has very generously and graciously offered a discount code so that you can buy the course for $19 instead of the regular fee of $30! Just click the underlined link here and makes sure you don’t miss out on this wonderful deal!

The course is affordable, and it definitely has something that even the most seasoned writer will be able to make use of, so check out this wonderful course 🙂

As a bonus, Jessica has also provided a discount code so that you can buy another one of her courses, CREATING HIGH-CONCEPT IDEAS THAT SELL, for the price of $15, which is a great deal as the regular fee is $20. Just click on the underlined link and you’ll be ready to go!