Why My Goal This Year is to Receive 100 Rejections

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Inspired by my fellow author and friend J.H. Moncrieff by this challenge for writers, this year I have decided to make it my goal to collect 100 rejections send out 100 submissions. The reason for that amendment is that so far, I have found the process to be more accurately reflective of the fact that, while I have certainly collected rejections so far, the process feels more ingrained in the sending part, so I have reframed my focus to think of it that way.

The reason for this exercise in torture undertaking is simple: I have lost the armour I once built up many years ago in the face of confronting rejections and being able not to crumble as soon as one hit me. The reason for that was, somewhat obviously, because I used to submit far more than I have in the last 7 or so years (for several different reasons). I need to build that armour up again–slowly, painfully, and with great difficulty. The first few rejections have made me crumble, I’m sorry to say, but my hope is that as the year goes on, and I absorb the blows on a more consistent basis, that I can rebuild and go forward a stronger writer.

What about you? Have any of you tried a 100 Rejections challenge? And if so, how did you find it? Any tips on how to get through it? Sound off below!



2 Replies to “Why My Goal This Year is to Receive 100 Rejections”

  1. Good job, girl! I hope it pays off for you, and I think couching it in terms of submissions instead of rejections is a good, positive switch.

    The project inspired me to once again apply to be a presenter at a writers’ conference, even though I’d given up on ever being accepted. Well, this time I was! 100 Submissions for the win.

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    1. Thanks for commenting! Your re-framing of the experience helped me shift my perspective. That’s wonderful about being accepted as a presenter at a conference! Thanks for being a source of inspiration on this 🙂


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