What Do You Use to Write?


Do you do most of your fiction write on a laptop?





Or perhaps you write on a desktop computer, like my dream model seen below…Desktop Computer





Many folks write on iPads or tablets with keyboards…as well as on smartphones connected to Google Docs…

ipad and keyboard







I used to write on pen and paper until disability issues made that incredibly difficult for me, but it was my go-to

pen and paper







The Neo AlphaSmart is an electronic word processor that helps writers focus on just writing and nothing else, and I have used it for many years, but the tiny screen and the slow transfer to computers leaves much to be desired…

Alphasmart Neo Electric Word Processor







And last but not least, the typewriter was the standard for many years. However, they’re heavy, still surprisingly expensive, require ribbons, and I’m thinking they’re not altogether practical for most of today’s writers. The FreeWrite (formerly named the Hemingwrite) seems to be an interesting compromise between making the analog, but with a current whopping price of $500USD, it’s not a practical or affordable option for many writers.








There are also many writers who swear by voice recognition-powered software like Dragon Naturally Speaking, which tends toward the pricey range.

So, what do you find works best for you when it comes to writing? Do you find that pen and paper works better? Are you digital all the way? And if so, what kinds of things do you do to stay focused with so many distractions that abound?