NeCon 2018 Highlights Recap

NeCon Horror Convention Banner

I attended the NeCon 38 horror convention that took place this past weekend in Portsmouth, Rhode Island, just outside of Providence.

Day One:

  • Lots of fellow Canadians at the airport. Woot!
  • Lynne Hansen and Jeff Strand are some of the kindest and most amazing people. I will never forget how they stepped in to help me.
  • Newbie Orientation with Errick Nunnally and Laura J. Hickman was a good introduction, there were many first-time NeCon attendees, and we got sheets passed around about a cool scavenger hunt. Fun!
  • Mike Squatrito, a local Rhode Island writer, had a dinner party at his house that I attended.
  • Overall a great start to NeCon!
  • The Saugy Roast #1 was this evening and so popular that they ran out much more quickly than anticipated.

Day Two:

  • I continued to introduce myself to as many people as I could and get over the whole social anxiety/Imposter Syndrome thing
  • Had a chance to reunite with fellow Borderlands Bootcamp grunts Diana Catt and Meghan Arcuri, who are both lovely.
  • Staged group photo outdoors! Tom Monteleone, after he saw me, said: Hi! Short people go in the front. I had a clever retort but I bit my tongue.
  • Author Autographing session! I got autographs from and purchased quite a few books that I hadn’t necessarily planned on buying, but they were too good to pass up.
  • Christopher Golden is an amazing individual and I’m so glad I finally got to meet him and have a conversation with him.
  • I met Brian Keene, which I’d also wanted to for a long time, as well as Mary SanGiovanni, and Dave from the Horror Show podcast.

Day Three:

  • The fire alarm went off–again!
  • The Roast. To quote Janice from Friends, “Oh. My. Gawd.” That’s all I’m gonna say.
  • Artist’s show. Amazing artwork! There’s a lot of fantastic talent out there, including Lynne Hansen, who had an image of a creepy haunted house as well as a streetcar with a giant tree that I loved.
  • Surprise wedding! There wasn’t a dry eye in the house. It was a unique and amazing experience.
  • I had a chance to talk to Linda Addison, who I have a tremendous amount of respect and admiration for.
  • Second Saugy Roast

Other Highlights:

    • The panels, particularly the Saturday morning ones about ghosts as well as the one about YA fiction.
    • Everyone treated me like I belonged, the lobby was a great hub for conversations, and it is a welcoming atmosphere.
    • Brian Keene helped me get a ride to the airport when my ride fell through at the last minute. I’ll never forget that, especially since he is recovering from a severe accident that donations are still being accepted for.

To sum up:
Horror writers have big hearts and are a caring bunch despite our gruesome subject matter.