Supernatural Season 13 Review


I wasn’t sure what to expect from Season 13 of Supernatural, but because Season 12 proved to be the most interesting this show has been in a long time, I decided to give Season 13 a go and I was pleasantly surprised. The storytelling was far from perfect, and the “oh great, so now everyone is back from the dead” stuff did start to get old after a while, and I really, really hope that this time, a certain villain actually is dead because this season they started to grate on my nerves where before, they were interesting.

In any case, I liked the focus on how even when there was a “monster of the week” type of situation with working cases, the focus was still very much the main plotline with Jack, son of Lucifer, and all of the complications that arose because of that. The Scooby Doo episode was cute but I was glad to get back to business with the main arc of the show. And of course, because this is Supernatural, I knew instantly that how things ended would go sideways in exactly the way I thought it would with a certain archangel who shall remain nameless.

I really enjoyed a lot of the season, and I feel like even though (spoiler alert – Ketch was back as a substitute for Crowley’s British humour at first, he definitely made sense as the going got tough). I was expecting to completely hate Jack and even though he’s a bit rough around the edges, I ended up liking him more than I expected to. And even though some people may not have been fans of Asmodeus, I loved the whole Southern gentleman thing he had going on. He got stale and old a bit quickly, but he was definitely fun for a while.

The angels, which have progressively irritated me more and more as the seasons have gone on, were unfortunately no exception this time around. I didn’t care for their antics, but their stakes were high, and I enjoyed that part of things. And near the end, when I was particularly sick of one angel’s irritating antics, the plot went somewhere I was like “Yes, absolutely” and even though some fans may disagree, I feel like that was the Hail Mary that made the most sense despite the devastating and profound consequences. Plus, it made for some seriously amazing special effects.

Having said all of that, I’m not sure what to expect from Season 14. I will definitely be tuning in to see what’s in store for Sam and Dean this time around, and with 20 episodes as opposed to the usual 23 this time around, I’m wondering if that will make for a leaner, more tightly-plotted and dynamic season. We’ll see!